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Appetite for Distraction #37 - "A Serious Inquiry"

by @bryan-imhoff via @spottyproduction

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Appetite for Distraction Presents... Second Helpings!

Bonus commentary and educational materials for your enjoyment!

Imp and Teed continue their awkward marsupial staredown... Where is this all heading? What strange meaning does this koala hold? Years from now will you be decoding a random string of numbers found etched on it's fuzzy ass in order to ascertain the dark secret of the island Imp find's himself trapped on in strip #874? No, no you won't. It's called Appetite for Distraction. Distraction.... ooh, nuggets.

Imp should watch this, or y'know, go places occasionally...

Fun facts!

  • Koalas have two thumbs on their front paws to aid in climbing.
  • Koalas are threatened by the destruction of their habitat to make way for new building construction.
  • I'm sure if you're a koala reading this you're giving it a 4 thumbs up review! Less than 4 thumbs up and I might just know a guy who wants to build an Arby's right where you're favorite eucalyptus patch is. Capice?

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And koalas are not even bears! We saw some at a wildlife place in Australia. They really don't do much


Quite true! I find that the more I research the little guys, the more there is to poke fun at! Koalas will hold a special place in Appetite for Distraction.