Canadians Are Too NicesteemCreated with Sketch.

in comics •  6 months ago

One thing that bothers me about my fellow Canadians sometimes? We’re too damn nice!


As a matter of fact, Wolverine is one of the few Canadians who isn’t nice on tv or movies, and he’s a work of fiction!

I honestly think our “niceness” puts us in a position where we get taken advantage of at times. It usually isn’t in our nature to be too confrontational. You notice the difference once you even try to cross the border into the US! If you look at my prior blogs, you’ll see the pictures of when we were in Bellingham, WA just a couple weeks back. The border guards going into the US are usually far more confrontational than the Canadian border guards! It’s something else.

Does anyone else out there think Canadians are almost too nice?

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My daughter lives in Vancouver since 2016 and the first thing that she noticed in Canada was how Canadians are nice and the word "sorry" is the most spoken. Now, two years later, she has the same impression...

I find a lot of apathy here, willful ignorance, racism against First Nations peoples, it seems to me most of the population is comfortably numb.


It’s a whole lot easier to just turn the TV set on and forget about all of the world’s problems. I think most people just do that.