X-Men gate completed

in #comics3 years ago

I finished producing my X-mansion gate scaled for 6" action figures, and it has been a hit so far! I have sold probably 5-6 at around $75 a piece on Facebook/Instagram. It has definitely been my best selling item I've ever made, and most profitable!

  • I am not surprised to be honest, there is nothing else really on the market like it. This year for X-men action figures has been AMAZING as well. It pairs perfectly, I imagine that it is going to be selling well into 2019 because we have some great X-men figures coming next year as well.

One of my favorite things about it, is the fact that I have been able to buy some amazing action figures I have wanted for a long time by selling these gates. just like this HUGE FREAKING SENTINEL!!!


soooo dope

The Sentinel even talks too... It has at least a dozen different phrases.

If you wanna drop some dough on one, you can find it here


Well done bro! Perhaps this is the beginning of bringing back bases to the world... well, don't know if you get those there but the last time I saw something like that was the Greyskull Castle as a kid.

Good job.

I kinda want a sentinel...but ehh...it looks a bit cartoonish. Wonder if they have one from another year that looks cooler.

They do! It is about twice as expensive though lol.

I looked after I said that, though I didn't know it was twice as expensive. It def looks cooler...but I dunno if it's really worth twice the price. There are apparently also a few different colorings of the one you got. Or at least I saw pictures of them.

yeah, this one has same coloring as an older SDCC exclusive. Since it is a current release, it is the cheapest you can find. Senintels are ALWAYS in demand... most sell for well over $150

Then maybe they should release a new one that's a bit cooler. :P

Heeeeyyyyy lol... it is cool... and it is accurate

Ehh...the colors should be more metallic, and the face should look scarier. Considering they cost so much, they really should do a better job. The one you got is more accurate to the cartoon, but somewhere between the two is more like what it should be.

What really sucks is that at that price I'd be afraid to repaint it. XD

I guess with a repaint, a different face, and a better looking chest thingie, it would actually be good.

The purple isn't bad even, just the pinkish color should look more metallic.

haha, yeah I'd have a hard time trying to repaint. However, it is definitely metallic looking, the camera on my phone sucks lol.

@saywha, la erdad que tu trabajo es asombroso!!! si hubieses sido mi creador tendría otra historias para contar! Saludos y buen trabajo!

are you still selling these??

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