Cosmic Ghost Rider AKA: My new favorite comic book character

in #comics3 years ago

... well kind of.

See ... technically... my favorite "person" hasn't changed. However, his character definitely has.


In case you aren't caught up on my favorite comic book characters, like most of earths population I shall remind you that Frank Castle AKA: The Punisher has been, and likely always will be my favorite comic book character. But what happens... When you take the Punisher... make him Ghost Rider (on a dead planet) ... immortal for thousands of years by himself... then you make him the herald of Galactus giving him the power cosmic... then he becomes the right hand man of the "final king" ... kidnapping Thanos... twice... in two different timelines...



In case you are too dense to follow all of that. Frank Castle IS Cosmic Ghost Rider. And that is EXACTLY how he came about... If you don't read comics, and think that's ridiculous... well welcome to comics. If you DO read comics and think its ridiculous... I urge you to remember that this is essentially the premise of all comics... just elevated to another level. Getting bitten by a radioactive spider, and then dressing up in a spandex suit, shooting webs is pretty nonsensical too... but I digress.



If you are a comic reader, this is an instant must to follow this character. From his first panel he was insanely entertaining. After starting his solo series, I realized I needed to read the rest of his history.... I needed every ounce of Cosmic Ghost Rider I could get... So I hunted down his first appearance issue in...

Thanos # 13

I even was able to snag a variant cover for the sweet sweet price of 3.99. I consider myself lucky because this issue is going thru the roof on ebay, and you can see different variants/grades of this issue going anywhere from $40-$400... luckily I was able to snag it at retail still, even though it is a fairly old issue!

Anyways, I will end this praise rant, with a shoutout to my wife for being awesome... because while she was out with a friend she snagged me the latest issue!

sorry for the blurry pick

But seriously... look at this... this is the "guardians of the galaxy" Including... Cable... some Rocket/Groot demon baby lovechild... and what I can only call "Duckernaut" in the background lol... I love how ridiculous this comic is...


Sounds pretty intriguing, I might have to check it out.

I am loving the great reception this series is getting. I'm guessing this will not be the end of him.

Came for the tan hoes. All I got was Thanos :(

That must be a very rare comic. Cannot find it anywhere.

Oh I found it. You have a variant cover. Very nice!
Thanos #13 (2018) - Page 1.jpg

Ya his first appearance issue can get expensive. The new cosmic ghost rider series is actually selling out at comic shops too.

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