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The big miss for me last week was Old Lady Harley 5. Not only did it feature the "Jeriatric Joker" and Harley and Joker's son, but it rocketed in resale value late last week. Good work on another miss. That's two weeks in a row. And since Steven Universe 25 wasn't carried by my LCS, I managed to not pick up one issue in the CBSI top ten. Fail! Fortunately, however, we have a new Wednesday of offerings to look forward to tomorrow morning.

Picks for Flips

Meet the Skrulls 1 Henrichon 1:50 Variant

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If you can this one cheap, pick it up. Sales on eBay are already in the +$70 USD range. And if you can manage it at cover price...well, well done. And run away from the stores as quickly as possible.

Ziggy Pig Seal 1 Secret Variant#

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Do you see the poop emoji on the back of the map? If you do tomorrow, grab it. It's already selling in excess of $30 USD.

Also, if you see any of the Fartnites, they may be worth grabbing for a flip. I'm personally going to pass.

Items for My Long Term Collection

Conan the Barbarian 4 Brooks Variant

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Wow, this one is quite something. The Red Goblin, Spiderman, and Mark Brooks. I did pick up on the Red Goblin first appearance run in anticipation of that character being used by Donny Cates soon. I'm still waiting on that to happen, but I think the Red Goblin has some big symbiote stories coming in the future. If you like that kind of thing, of course.

Batman 66 Shaner Variant

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Tom King is back; I have no idea what he'll do with issues 66, but if he likes his numerology as much as we all do it, it should be a good one. That reminds me, I really do need to read his Mister Miracle series.

I'll probably pick up cover A for this issue too.

Immortal Hulk Ross Cover A 14

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The Hulk returns from Hell and the Qlippoth. Good stuff; where is the Immortal one going next?

The Green Lantern 5 Sharp Cover A

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Last issue we saw Jordan making a possible deal with the Queen of the Night while sharing stories of his exploits against Sun-Eaters. Sun-Eaters? I don't know, do they actually exist? Did Morrison see this whilst on the outside of the Universe? I hope not, but in this series, the Gnostic Green Lantern is around to assist the Universe. I am loving both the story and the art in this book; it's easily my favorites series at press at this point.

Harley Quinn 59 Chew Variant

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Derrick Chew is still going strong; some have mentioned him as being the new Artgerm. I can't speak to that, but I do know I appreciate his work. I'm adding this one to my PC long term in hopes of it carrying value down the road.

Other Items of Interest

In no particular order, but I'll grab these if I'm feeling it come this Wednesday.

Doomsday Clock 9

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I'm not sure how the current DC timeline fits in context to Doomsday. I'm enjoying JL, JLD, Batman (to some extent), Aquaman, and even NIghtwing. How does it all fit together with Dr. Manhattan? And how is Gotham Girl suddenly relevant again? I just don't know, but I'll keep trying to figure it out.

Female Furies 2

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I actually enjoyed the first issue quite a bit; I really enjoyed the part wherein the Furies defend a young girl against Steppenwolf's step son and slice his head off. They then decide to deposit the corpse on a passing comet. Quite the use of those Boom Tubes, I'd say. I'll read the next one regardless to see where the writers take Big Barda.

Deadpool 10

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This one is featuring the first cameo of Good Night, who I think is a possible Marvel version of Batman. This one might be a good one to grab, long term, if you have the extra cash tomorrow.

Midtown 24

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Harley Quinn holding steady at #1 in terms of profit per raw copy. The *Captain Marvel Braver 1 Lim Variant # has shot up in price too. That might be in anticipation of the film; we'll track it though with the spreadsheet. Everything else has stayed roughly the same in terms of margin / copy.

That's it for this week. Good luck everyone tomorrow morning.

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