This Week's Adds to the Hattie Collection

in #comics3 years ago


What are we doing above? That's hide and seek, and I was lucky that our daughter had her arm stuck out of her hiding spot. I never would have found her otherwise!

This week's post is a culmination of buys the past two weeks. A few Momokos and (oh yeah), a Batman.


The first one is another 2nd print of Ms. Marvel. Again, my thought is that this a low print comic work with a new character on the cover. I can't not seeing Disney+ doing something with this character down the road.


This one is a Peach Momoko Clock 1 variant. As you may know, I'm working on getting all of this artist's work for my daughter's collection. This is a beautiful variant that reminds me a bunch of that Two-Face Batgirl issue created by Middleton a few years ago.


Here is another Peach Momoko I picked up for cover price. We'll see if this one gets any more love down the road.


Here is the big one I got a cover price a few weeks ago online. Pure luck getting this one, but it feels good to have that first cameo of Punchline. If only I could have picked up Hell Arisen as cheap too (not the case!)

That's it for this week; more on the way.

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