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I'm gonna start selling off my comic collection, by the piece. I want to build my holdings in cryptocurrency. I could sell them on ebay, then buy through Coinbase. That doesn't sound so good with extra steps and costs. Is Bitify a reasonable option? Is it still a valid market?

What do you suggest? 15249262655132475824962351498764.jpg

Pictures above is just one of the comics I have for sale.


If selling for Crypto, I feel OpenBazaar is the way to go. There are a few people other than myself that sell comics there too. Takes many coins with all coins on the roadmap.

Check also @SteemBay and @PeerHub

Bitify does look like it could be an option. Especially since you want the bitcoin anyway. As bad as it sounds, Facebook also has their marketplace as well - at least they do in Canada.

That's not a bad idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

you can sell your comic books online through this website they are reliable https://www.mycomicshop.com . And by using your proceed to invest in crypto currencies is a nice investment decision @neopatriarch

Hi. I will upvote and resteem your post if you reply to this comment. 👍 a-0-0

Goodluck restoring you're reputation. It might actually be easier to open a new account.

nice post. hope you sold it soon.. godbless sir @neopatriarch

I have seen so much beautiful works,but this is absolutely priceless..

I do wish this was mine, but it's the cover of a comic. The cover was illustrated by Todd McFarland.

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