The Best Comic Book Panels For February 23

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You guys... Seriously: Mike Dynamo Loves Comics

That's because comic books are awesome. 

I have this odd habit/obsession where I need to collect a digital copy of any amazing panel I run across while reading comics. I mostly keep them for myself, but figured it might be fun to share some of my favorites here on Steemit. 

Whether I'm touched, moved, surprised or shooting milk out of my nose, I like to grab a great comic moment and tuck it away for safe keeping. Now that comics have made the jump to digital it's easy to carve out a piece of something amazing and share it with everybody else. 

Loki: Game Recognize Game

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is seriously one of, if not THE best books on the stands. Game recognize game, Squirrel Girl... and you looking mad familiar. 

Deadpool Stays Focused On What Matters. 

Doesn't matter how much it hurts as long as you got a piping hot plate of ribs waiting for you.

Jughead's Ribs Preparation Kit

Deadpool and Jughead have a lot in common when you think about it. In a way... we are all Jughead. 

Stephanie Beatriz as Ms. America Chavez

Not a comic book panel per se, but it's actress Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine Nine as the super powered, and super amazing queer Marvel superhero America Chavez.... If a live action movie or TV show is coming, I'm watching every episode. 

Does the Punisher look like a cop to you?

Actually.... Yeah Frank... you kinda do

Thanks for stopping by! 

Signing off with a panel from the incomparable Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro. 

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I love comics too, as you can already imagine! Do you buy any in Cambodia somewhere or you read online? Since I started to live abroad I found myself cutting down in hard paper, but I don't find as satisfactory to read in a kindle...

Yeah I read online. I rean out of patience for collecting actual stuff to move around a while back.

Personally, I find tablet reading to be really nice, but the ipad was way better for it than the kindle. Comixology is a great place to buy and check out comics and even leads you from panel to panel but can be such a pain on a small screen or slow device.