Some Phill sketches...

in comics •  4 months ago

Halfway through inking page 59 of my comic about Phill from GCHQ - you can read it here: PHILL FROM GCHQ website

I have been away in the Danish summer a lot lately and have worked with the sketches in pencil... a real pencil. Here are some of the sketches. I will not comment as the page will be published within the next days. These sketches is hereby published as CC-by.

This work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute - Katharsisdrill - Site:

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That second panel is hilarious, love it!

Looking forward to it as usual. I don't mind you taking a break, but I just have to recap to see where we got to

A real pencil. How did it feel?

Ooh, so exciting!


Nope. Begging for votes is a bad strategy. Read the post and let your comments be about what you read. That might give you some upvotes. Begging is often flagged.

Your sketches drawing looks nice and unique, it shows a sign of creativity and artistic talent that you have @katharsisdrill