POLIS: The Trial of Socrates - Graphic Novel Update - Page 16 Colored

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These pages are finally getting some color and dialog!

POLIS: The Trial of Socrates

A historical graphic novel that examines the events that led up to the trial and execution of Socrates in ancient Athens.

Previously I uploaded the inked page. However, I'm now working with Luca Blugheroni for the coloring, and I wanted to show off the finished page. (I've done the lettering. I may hire a better letterer down the road once I get the book funded on Kickstarter.) What do you think?!


This is a scene that takes place in 404 BCE just after the Peloponnesian War has ended. Sparta installed an oligarchic government at Athens which severely restricted citizenship. Even this limited 3000 were controlled by thirty men who would come to be known as the Thirty Tyrants.

After Theramenes makes his speech criticizing the unofficial leader of the Thirty, he expects the other citizens to back him and curtail Critias' more vicious policies. We see here, however, that Critias has his own plan.

For anyone just finding me, below are the sketch and inked page:



Art by Daniel Becker.

Other colored pages: Page 14-15

Thanks for your support and any feedback! Your upvote is definitely appreciated. I hope you'll stick around and watch it all come together.

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Very nice classical drama. Love it. Found you through the #steemit-webcomics discord and glad I did.

Awesome - thanks for checking it out!

Nice! The world could use more stoics like Socrates, very cool that you're turning his story into a comic!

Think you'll give Socrates(Plato's) Monologues the comic treatment too?

When you say monologue, are you referring to The Apology? (That's the only work by Plato that I can think of where it's just Socrates speaking.) If so, then absolutely. Yes - Plato's Dialogs are the main source for the graphic novel, and the Apology is more or less the climax. It's a ways down the road in story-time though.

Sorry I had a brain fart, yes I meant the Socratic Dialogues.

Anyway I look forward to seeing more of this. Could be a great tool to give (or sell) to schools. It could make them more palatable to a classroom setting

Do you know how long this comic will be?

The first installment is 60 pages. I plan for three installments, which will hit near about 180 pages for the full graphic novel. (Possibly a bit more, since the second act will be a bit longer than the first and third acts...)

This page looks fantastic! The colors you went with work so well together.

This is SO cool. Ancient history AND graphic novels together? Wow.

Thanks for taking a look!

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