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RE: “Read a Damn Book – 127: Silver Surfer – New Dawn”

in #comics3 years ago

Glad that you gave the book second chance :) I also reread my books and most of them I like better for the second time.

Now I'm curious to know why Dawn was used to threaten him if he didn't know her. Sounds like something mysterious is happening there. And I guess that he managed to eliminate the Never Queen :)

I like your honest opinion about this book. And I think I would enjoy reading is as I don't like too much violence or sexual naughtiness in comics.

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!


Because she wished on a star. That star was the Surfer on his first arrival to Earth.

Ha! Thanks! Getting a Curie vote is awesome! And, yes, this book is pretty safe from naughtiness. I've reviewed a few ultra-violent and nearly X-rated books (like Alan Moore's FROM HELL, which was incredibly good, but disgusting in many places), so I make sure to let folks know if a book might be disturbing or offensive---and I like to be silly, so I use silly language when I get a chance! Ha! But, if you read this Silver Surfer book, I hope you like it!!! Thanks for the comment!

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