Comic Crossovers That Really Happened - Aliens versus Predator from 1996

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Aliens versus Predator Booty #1 (January 1996) by Dark Horse Comics

The Colonial Marines have captured a live Alien Queen, but when pirate Predators attack the Marines, even the toughest fighters in the galaxy might not be able to hold on to her.  Written by Barbara Kesel, drawn by Ron Randall.

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I actually watched this movie. I guess it wasn't good though I don't remember. It's just a bad cross over.

How the hell have I never heard of this AvP title? I was huge into the Dark Horse Aliens and Predator series in the 90's...surprised this one fell off my radar. I'm assuming it was a one-shot, since I don't see "1 of X" on the cover. :)


Do you guys also remember the arcade game? Very cool stuff :D


Of course! I also remember being pissed that every incarnation of Aliens vs. Predator for the home systems was nothing at all like the arcade game. I MAME'd the hell out of it at home though. :)


So true, bwahahaha...


I was wondering the exact same thing. Was it a limited run?

Now I need to head down to my stepmoms house.
I am pretty sure I have a pair of these and all the issues thereafter in a box in the garage. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia!