Well Played Contextual Advertising, Well Played...

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Recently I've been working on getting my various websites back online and up to speed. As I was working on putting Appetite for Distraction back online I got a bit of a chuckle.


On my websites I do use some limited advertising spaces. While I would prefer to use services such as Project Wonderful or Anonymous Ads, the activity and advertising inventory just isn't there. So, like many folks I turn to Google instead. If you personally hate ads and use a blocker I understand and no hard feelings! But we independent comic artists will fight for every little revenue stream we can get.


One of the little joys I get out of advertising is the ad choices it places at times. In addition to using information based on the browsers history, most ad systems also scan the content of the page to deliver relevant products and services. I'd like to think that it's not my browsing history, but rather the content of the page that created this little gem!



Did you see it?


On a comic strip that talks about mortality and lust we get a "Life is short..." ad by Ashley Madison, a website for married men to arrange "discreet" affairs... Talk about your targeted marketing!


If you want to see what I've been working on and find out just what ads you might personally get served up to you, head on over to appetitefordistractioncomic.com. I'll make a more finished "relaunch" announcement, perhaps with a contest or other festive event, after I get the site tidied up a bit more. One of the most exciting and unique features of the new site is its integration with the FinallyComments system. Based on the Steem blockchain, FinallyComments enables users to be rewarded for their interactions and social activity across the web. I'm very excited to make my personal sites integrated with my presence on Steemit.com.

Check it out and let me know what you think... in the comments of course!


-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

Posted from my blog with SteemPress : http://bryanimhoff.com/2018/06/11/well-played-contextual-advertising-well-played/

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So I wanted to see what add I will get. I never wanted that. What I got was not based on your content or my history. Just random stuff sort of related to my physical location.


Yeah, I get that too... and right now I see 75% Ads about building websites... since that’s what I’ve been doing!


From some reason I get adds for collages, even though I finished my studies a long time ago.

Ad blockers take the fun out of life. I have had one for a while because it is now built into Firefox and moving it would mean that I should find out how. Now my life is focused and boring.


Haha! Indeed! And what would a comic called Appetite for Distraction be without lots of flashing little graphics to lead people astray... (all while I profit from their mental meanderings!!! Muahahaha!)


Th perfect setup.

Hello how are you? if that ads are always everywhere.
Sometimes I see it if it's something that interests me, sometimes not so much.
I read some chapters and I love it, it made me laugh!
I would like to make drawings like those, but I do not know! 🙈
Now I know why your name is @bryan-imhoff 😊


I’m glad they made you laugh! Putting all the comic strips up on the website gave me the urge to make some more! There are too many different stories I want to tell and not enough time!


It would be interesting to see those stories when you post them.

Best of luck for your recent working on getting my various websites back online and up to speed.

Ah, that's really nice. I have a great collection of ads from different brands. You can always learn a great deal from just observing these ads. Here's a glimpse :)