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Hello @bryan-imhoff,

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Keep on Steemin!

Thanks SteemTrail, I appreciate your support and commitment to growing new categories!

Hey these comics are awesome bryan! I am searching for talent like yours for someone else that wants to pay people to help them create a steemit video or other secret projects. I will add your name to the list.

Thank you! I appreciate the vote of confidence and I'd certainly consider chipping in an illustration or two to a good cause.

Really great post. I was almost born into reading comic books, so I remember when I first seen Scott McCloud's books and always felt that they are just not made for me, I know comic books already. I now wish I had the spare time to read one because "Understanding Comics" is such a respected book for the subject. What a great catch about the micropayments, so cool to see him talking about it back then.

Thank you. I do highly recommend reading Understanding Comics someday. Like you, I'd already been reading comics for years when the book came out. It's far more than just a primer on navigating the comics page and comprehending the format. You'll find that you've inherently understood many of the ways that the comics form "works its magic," but McCloud verbalizes it so well it adds a new clarity and an idea how to explain these concepts to non comic readers.
I think I'm on my third copy of the book from all the times I've lent it out and just let a couple people keep the copy!

This is awesome stuff! Are there more comic heads on Steemit? I'm getting sucked back to my child hood. Very nice :D

Glad you liked it! There's definitely a small comic community developing that will grow with some more nurturing!
You'll certainly want to follow @cryplectibles, check out the Comic Book Art Traffic posts by @kidsysco, the comic art from @katharsisdrill & @kommienezuspadt and I'm sure I'm forgetting others at the moment. There are numerous great illustrators around. I'm looking to get the comics tag used a lot more so that I can have plenty of content to enjoy!

Great work, And thnx for the other suggestions. Followed :)

Couple of things that would be great for future content:

  • Comic fair reviews
  • video reviews of new titles
  • An introduction to the graphic novel compared to comics

Keep it up!!

Thanks for the input and suggestions. I'm a comic artist myself, so I have a few articles in the pipeline that may be more appealing to other artists, but I'll definitely look to add in some of these suggestions. I enjoy writing reviews and articles because it forces me to think more deeply about the subject at hand, learn, and be less passive in my content consumption.
I unfortunately don't read many current comics, but presenting some timeless, must read graphic novels and compilations would certainly be doable, as well as coverage of any conventions I attend, either as a fan or exhibitor.
Whew, I gotta get to work...

Personally I'd be most interested in the graphic novels!

Very clever, Kirby =・ω・=

Thank you :) Great design for blockchaincat! I definitely missed your first posts, followed and looking forward to more.

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