Umm... Is That A Creepy Demon Rat Over There?

in comics •  7 months ago


At least, I hope the expression conveys the title of this post! Just a quick SteepShot from my phone, featuring the beginning pencil work on my Ithaqa Fundition campaign pinup!

As with my previous posts related to the “Ithaqa-verse,” all liquid non Steem Power rewards will be donated to the Ithaqa Fundition campaign by @drwatson. Be sure to support it directly as well, as that’s exactly how you can earn rewards such as this piece of original artwork I’m working on!

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web
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Yes yesss yessss! I am so god damned excited for this!


So glad you’re excited. Just posted another progress pic. Please do not hesitate to offer any suggestions or corrections! I’m hoping to capture your characters well from the bits I know and Theresa’s work as reference... but I get extra nervous playing with someone else’s baby!

Good comics

Yes, great draw

I think the design is good, is a good drawing! I want to see him when he's ready :)