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in comics •  10 months ago


I realize now, perhaps too late, that my prior purchase of a vintage comic book rack was folly. Despite my desire to read the treasures of the past which it contains, I dare not approach it. Indeed it has been inhabited by predators of the most vicious sort, whose razor sharp teeth and talons I dare not tempt.

Even now, the great beast watches me.

Should you not hear from me again, please know that I perished not in vain, but in the way I’ve always wanted... devoured by kitties. This will be a good death.

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Cats can be territorial when they see something as their territory. No doubt about it.


He’s really quite chill about it. I just like to stroke his ego a bit by telling him what a perfectly designed killing machine he is. He seems to enjoy it! 😼


yes sir i think its about no doubt.....

Just be careful with them corners around that cat!


Thankfully he doesn’t bother the comics... unless they’re bagged! He loves chewing comic bags. They’d interfere with my authentic newsstand look anyway!

Your cat is adorable, what's his name?

Also, I'm super jealous of your comic rack- I wish I had one, or room for one, or even a better shelf to put my comic boxes on.


That is Baxter! I have a second named Kirby (after Jack Kirby of course!)



Hah, I see the resemblance!

Devoured by pussy while reading "THE SORCERER AND THE SHE-DEVIL!" Not a bad way to go...


Ha! Nice connection. That is a fun title to work with.

I think you need to bring in the Terminator or Alien comics to quash the threat!

Cute kitten has claimed the territory as his own!
your desicion is not bad, face the beast and get into a world that you can never tire of.
You have many interesting magazines that I would like to read. :)

Your cat looks at you thinking: you spent money on these comics and you appreciate them a lot? It would be a shame if someone destroyed


Yes. He collects “protection money” like a mobster. I fill his bowl, and nothing bad happens to the comics. I don’t fill his bowl, and maybe an “accident” happens!

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Perhaps the bottom comics could be an "offering" in hopes that the beast does not knock down the whole rack.