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RE: “Read a Damn Book – 164: Spawn – Origins Collection – Volume 1”

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Have you ever bought a Humble Bundle before? If not, you should absolutely keep an eye on that site, subscribe to the newsletter, etc. They regularly have digital comic bundles, some of which are great. I think it might’ve been for the Spawn 25th anniversary they featured a bundle. I scooped the first 20(!) volumes of this origins collection + series like Spawn: The Dark Ages by donating 25 or 30 bucks, mostly to charity. You can’t beat it! I’ve snagged some sweet Kirby and Eisner bundles too and many more.

I agree with most everything you mention here! Although I do think at that early stage even the concept of Spawn was a bit lacking. Neil Gaiman kind of delivered the beginnings of a whole mythology when he guest wrote issue #9... which unfortunately led to all those court battles down the line!

But Spawn holds a special place in my heart for the excitement and sheer cool factor it brought as a kid. And my first published work was a childhood fan drawing printed in the letters column!


I haven't heard of "Humble Bundle," but if there is the chance for Kirby or Eisner quality comics in it, I will certainly look it up!!! Thanks!!!! And I just barely remember Gaiman's involvement---and a character named "Lady Death" or something like that. I DIDN'T know about any lawsuits, though! Might have to do some research...

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Humble Bundle started as mainly video games and that’s still it’s biggest focus, but there’s frequently good comics, role playing games, and non-fiction offers. I just snagged a huge bundle of art & design books recently.

Lady Death was different, you’re thinking of Angela probably! She, the medieval Spawn concept, the mentor “Cogliostro”, all came from Gaiman. I’d need a refresher on the legal battles! They ended up involving the rights to Miracleman which I believe McFarlane had acquired and used in barter, and years down the line here... Angela is now owned by Marvel and used in the Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy storylines...

The legal wrangling is as confusing as the comic continuity itself!

Ha! My Grandpa brain mixing things up again! (Now I need to research Lady Death. I sort of remember liking that, whatever it was...) But yeah, that's some complexity.

I did, however, sign up for the Humble Bundle newsletter. From here, we play the waiting game... (Thanks again for the info, on the Bundle stuff AND the comics. I drifted away from the comic shops when my first daughter was born in 1993, so my knowlegde AFTER that is spotty at best!)

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Had to drop a couple images! A long strange journey from Angela slaughtering Hellspawn to getting hit on by Angel... 😂

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