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Here it is... my "finished" Ithaqa pinup to help support the Ithaqa Graphic Novel Fundition Campaign. I put "finished" in quotation marks because what can I say... I know I'm going to end up noodling around and doing a bit more work on this, that's just "how I roll!" But it really is 99% done. (Ok, maybe 97.5%, but who's being nitpicky?)


art by Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

Ithaqa is a comic created by writer Michael Watson (@drwatson) and illustrated by Theresa Chiechi (@la-fumettista). Watson summarizes the general concept as...

In Ithaqa a filmmaker/conman discovers the horrible Eldritch Truth of the cosmos as a moving picture he’s struggling to produce in the 1920’s goes horribly wrong.

Ithaqa is a comedy turned Lovecraftian horror story that will appeal to readers who enjoyed Cabin In The Woods, but thought it would be copacetic if it had been set during the roaring 20’s.

Currently the series is engaged in a crowdfunding campaign on the first Steem blockchain based crowdfunding platform known as Fundition. All the details can be found at this Fundition campaign page!

The initial funding is very close to achieving its goal, and some time ago I'd promised to supply a bit of original art as an extra reward for a lucky backer. Just like other platforms like KickStarter or Patreon, Fundition offers the chance for supporters to earn rewards based on their contribution of direct donations or accumulated upvotes over the course of the project! This is an original piece of artwork done by myself, Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff. It's pen and ink on 11" x 17" Bristol board. I'll be getting it into @drwatson's hands in the not too distant future to pass on to a valued supporter.


This piece is my depiction of a scene from Ithaqa already wonderfully conceived by Theresa Chiechi. I was just tagging along for the ride! Some amazing previews and behind the scenes work can be found at so check it out and start supporting Ithaqa!


art by Theresa Chiechi


@kommienezuspadt summed it up best in his post earlier this evening when he described the Ithaqa team and project as "the gold standard for Steemit comic book artists." I've had a lot of fun working on this and following the progress on Ithaqa, and hope I did the crew proud! As I mentioned, although this has a ring of finality to it... I know I won't be able to put it down completely before I ship this art out the door... and I do have an urge to attempt putting some color to it as well! But for the moment I'll be shifting my attention over to getting a Fundition campaign of my own fully up and running. (...cough... cough... not so subtle hint)

For Watson, Chiechi, and Ithaqa this is just the first chapter in a much larger tale. So please, get interested and involved now and enjoy the comic!


-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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Wow, this came out so fantastic!! It was really wonderful to watch this evolve and I love how the final piece came out.


Thanks so much! (sorry for the late reply, I fell behind on my Steemin’ this week!) Your enthusiasm and approval absolutely means the most! You set a great example and a high bar!

Great panel, i specialy like the dynamic rats👌

Those rats are pretty scary :) I read the James Herbert books featuring rats as a kid. Gave me nightmares.

Really nice, @bryan-imhoff ! Love the inking <3 The composition and expressions of the two ladies are also spot on <3

This is one of the greatest things that has happened to me since I started work on Ithaqa man, thank you so much for this amazing work.


You are welcome and thank you! Can’t wait to really read issue #1 all put together!


Me neither, haha. If I can make enough progress into Issue 5, Theresa and I ought to start drawing the new pages sometime after mid-September

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