Descent Into Madness... My Time In Ithaqa, part 1

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Lately I've primarily been sharing glimpses of work on my comic "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." But now I am compelled to take a brief respite from that world of impossible sunlight, and instead explore some of the darker reaches of reality within the world of Ithaqa. If you're on Steemit and haven't seen anything of Ithaqa yet, you must be living under a rock! Actually, I take that back, living under a rock you would have been more aware. If you were in the shadowy recesses of stone, I have no doubt that Iss-Nagish would have found you first. So what is Ithaqa?


Ithaqa is a comic by Steemit's very own Michael Watson (@drwatson) and Theresa Chiechi (@la-fumettista). Hopefully @drwatson won't mind as I lift a description straight from to bring you up to speed!


In Ithaqa, filmmaker and conman, Mookie Smitts, discovers the horrible Eldritch Truth of the cosmos, as a moving picture he is struggling to produce in the 1920’s accidentally uncovers a plot to destroy the Spacetime Continuum.

Ithaqa is a comedy-turned-Lovecraftian horror story, that will appeal to readers who enjoyed HBO’s True Detective, but thought it would be copacetic if it had been set during the roaring 20’s. Readers with an attention for historical detail will appreciate the faithful recreations of the Wharton Silent Film Studios, Cornell University, and underground speakeasies of Ithaca, NY, all used as backdrops for a story that takes place at the beginning of Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage.


For as long as I can remember, Michael has tirelessly blogged and posted fascinating behind the scenes looks at the development of this artwork. At last count I believe he's somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 posts on the topic! Now he's begun to channel those posts toward finishing off his needed funding for issue #1. To this end, there is currently a campaign running through the Steem based site, to raise an additional $1200 to make this dark dream a terrifying reality!


Fundition is a crowdfunding platform based on the Steem blockchain that allows projects and causes to be funded with either direct donations of cryptocurrency, or more powerfully, by the simple acts of interacting with and "liking" the projects of your choosing utilizing the power of your Steem account.


the Ithaqa Fundition page...


I've offered some assistance in making this first Ithaqa campaign a success in the best ways I know how, first by voting and donating... and second by picking up a pencil! As a big fan of Ithaqa and a fellow indy comic creator, I'll be donating some original "fan art" pieces to be included as campaign rewards and maybe help "sweeten the pot!"


I'll be relying heavily on the art that's already been produced by Theresa, and she deserves all the credit! For the piece I'm going to first tackle, I believe I'll be doing my take on an already classic (even before release!) scene featuring the characters of Margaret and Hazel. What can I say... I feel like drawing pretty ladies and creepy rats.


art by Theresa Chiechi


I'll blog my own progress over a series of "Descent Into Madness" posts to help spread the word of Ithaqa (and spread the threads of Iss-Nagish) and I will also dedicate the "liquid" non Steem Power rewards of these posts to the Fundition campaign.


Check out Ithaqa. Follow @drwatson and @la-fumettista and support their wonderful project on Fundition! And check back with me over the next few posts if you're curious enough to see my take on Ithaqa!


-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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Then I must live under a rock! I had not heard about that comic, I'll find it xD thanks for the information