Convention Blues!

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I'm not sure who deserves credit for the creation of this particular "meme" type image, but I've seen it in various places for a few years now, and it perfectly reflects my current mood at this time of year! For those who don't recognize it, this is an edited play on the official logo of the San Diego Comic-Con, one of the largest shows of its kind in the world. For about five days every year, it becomes a geek mecca of epic proportions.

If you're active at all in geeky circles, your social media feeds are no doubt undergoing an onslaught of information from this event, particularly in these few hours following the Marvel Studios panel which announced some of their forthcoming movie and television plans. With Marvel Studios sitting on the pop culture throne at the moment, their actions get a lot of press!

I've been too busy and tired lately to think much about San Diego, but following the aforementioned social media blitz, this evening was the first time it caught up with me and I thought, "Damn, wish I was there..."

I've managed to make the trip once in my lifetime back in 2006. (I just dug out my program book from that show to double check the date and reminisce a bit!) It was already a huge event then and has only continued to grow. I can only imagine the scope and energy of it now, 13 years later. Folks like @blewitt have a lot more experience with this massive convention although I know even he has been unable to attend these past several years. @arseniclullaby is the only Steemian I know of that is in attendance, exhibiting at the show this year, but I hope there's at least a few other Steem users representing in the throngs of geeks this year!

I'm determined to make it back to the SDCC. Maybe not next year... but soon. Not only as a fan, but as a creator. I'll bottle this little bit of jealousy, envy, and frustration I'm currently feeling and do my best to distill it into motivation! If I can make a good enough brew out of it, eventually you'll see me blogging at you live from San Diego... rubbing elbows with the comics elite, partying it up, and sharing "I Thought It Would Be Zombies..." with the world.


Until then I'll just be at home... working on my comic and bottling up my frustration juice.

Eww. That sounds wrong. But who am I kidding... it's 100% accurate...

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff


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On the one hand it sounds like a dream to go to Comic-Con. On the other hand from what I understand it is really expensive and super crowded and full of long lines. I wish I could attend at least once in my life, but I doubt that it will ever happen. But it will be great for you to be there. Next year with your comic :)

I can’t fully comment on the craziness of SDCC in the present, but even back in 2006 I think the experience varied depending on your interests and goals. When I attend any convention I’m not someone who is hunting for show exclusive variants, autographs or celebrity photo ops. That alone saves oodles of cash and hours in line! The collectors and fans who do focus on those areas have a much different experience. I can spend days browsing and conversing at the artist alley and small publisher booths. Sure it’ll still feel like a packed shopping mall at Christmas, but it’s as unscheduled and relaxing an experience as you can get at a con!

They have an exclusive minifigure they are giving away. “Bar” from Stranger Things. I’m upset I won’t be getting that!

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I've never been one who can do these large-style conventions. Too many people, too much noise. I can tolerate that kind of thing for an hour, maybe two at the most, but after that I need space and quiet, and neither of those is very forthcoming at an event like GenCon or SDCC. :)

Still, I hope you get back there some day, showing off I Thought It Would Be Zombies and all the other mega-successful, multi-platinum indie books you've made! :D


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Yeah, the frustration is real.

Our family has wanted to go for so long. We’ve made it to WonderCon a couple of times, which is still nice (and less crowded).

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Hey dear, how are you? I can understand a bit how you feel when you talk about Comic-Con. For a lover of comics I can understand that this place is like paradise. I would love to be able to attend once, but I know that I would only stay in a dream. But I know that you can attend also has a very important reason, your comic! which you can share with others.
I admire the work that Marvel does, it's fascinating!