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Yeah, yeah... I keep showing the same stuff over and over again. What can I say... I’m slow!

I’m also super excited when artwork is turning out even half decent! I’ve never colored a comic before, so I’ve been nervous 😬, but I may just pull this off! Lots more to do in this panel, only worked on rendering Sarah’s skin so far. But anything that even starts resembling finished product gives me a boost!

As I was flicking through some layer settings I had a happy accident. Briefly landing on a glow mode has me seriously contemplating some magical tattoos in Sarah’s future! 🤔🤫 #comics #comicbooks #indycomics #illustration #comiccoloring #coloringcomics #makingcomics #clipstudiopaint #ipadpro #ipaddrawing #sklorch #ithoughtitwouldbezombies #fantasyart #modernfantasy #fantasyfiction #share2steem


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It looks great! So do the colors and the tattoo.

Glad you like! I think it’ll really pop with more of the page done too. The very red tones are just for this moment of angry violent action but won’t cover the whole page. I think it’ll work out! 😬

It looks great now as well.

It's coming along nicely man! :)

I appreciate you saying so! It’s a never ending pendulum swing from “it’s going well” euphoria; to “this is horrendous garbage” despair and back again. I’m glad tonight swung to the good side.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

I saw this one on instagram! Great to see some color work from you!

No one fucks with a persons dog!

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