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I used to be a much more avid reader, devouring books, magazines, and comics at a steady to frantic pace. It's a habit that's lapsed over the years. Social media and Netflix have played a part I'm sure, and that's how habits work... one thing coming along and replacing another.

But it's a habit I missed, and that I know is very important. So I wanted to get it back and I've begun my quest!


My recent reading...

Aptly enough, I purposefully began my new regimen with the book The Power of Habit. I'd read it before a couple years ago and it was fascinating. I wanted to revisit it in light of the beginnings of my little reading program, and thoroughly enjoyed it a second time around.

Over the past couple weeks I've devoted at least 1 hour a day to reading. So far I've plowed through exactly what you see above, The Power of Habit, a couple issues of ImagineFX magazine, The Donut Cometh, a collection of comics by our very own @arseniclullaby, and Volume 1 of the comic series Wayward.

I've gotten into a routine where I consciously put down the phone, turn off the tv, and set an hour timer, then pick up whatever it is I'm working on reading that evening. I use an app called Productive to track my progress and help lend some extra habitual motivation of not letting that good streak get broken! In the weeks and months to come, it's my goal to keep adding in additional good habits and building out better and more beneficial routines for myself.


12 days in, and about to get my 13th night of readin' on!

I've enjoyed all my reading so far, there's not a bad page in the bunch! I hope that for me, reading is what is known as a "keystone" habit; a habit that when added or changed goes on to trigger other behavioral changes for the better. The relaxation, mental engagement, knowledge and inspiration that can be acquired through reading are critical to me in the pursuit of a creative career.

A few days ago I glanced upon a trending post among social media. It caught my eye as I was a ways into my new reading trend. TV host Jimmy Kimmel had seen a recent study that revealed 1 in 4 Americans have not read a book in the past year. He had a healthy disbelief for the survey, which I also share... the number of non reading Americans is most likely far, far worse than that self reported survey points to.

To test his point his show took to the streets and asked people to name a book, any book.

The results are equal parts hysterical and horrifying!

Don't be like those people!

I'm going to keep hitting the books and encourage anyone and everyone to do the same. If you're feeling stuck or frustrated, be it socially, professionally, or creatively, turning the right pages can be a big help.

So what's on everyone else's reading lists?

-Bryan "the Imp" Imhoff

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In my case, I blame Steemit. I used to be an avid reader. At least 40 books completed in a year plus many other partials. Since joining Steemit a year ago, I’ve completed maybe a half dozen.

Gotta get back in the habit. Reading Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun series right now. Want to read more about WW1, am listening through Dan Carlin’s fascinating podcast about it.

Not my fault though, all blame goes to Steemit.


I agree, it has been a big factor! But for me I think Steemit displaced Facebook and other internet browsing time; which had already supplanted much of my "dedicated reading" beforehand. That bad habit of idly flipping pages on a phone with the TV on in the background predated the blockchain in my casy casy case!

I find it incredible that you want to do that every day! @bryan-imhoff
every time we read our brain is enriched by so many things in your case that you are reading comics can help you with creativity or can give you some idea to draw a picture.
like so many books that help us to be better people, to know ourselves, recently a friend spoke about a book that he likes a lot and that he has read in several languages and never tires of reading! that's what the passion for reading does, he likes it so much that it does not matter to read it again
the application helps a lot so you'll know how long you've been doing productive things


I actually like to read things multiple times. It really helps me learn and retain the information, just like how we can all quote movies and TV shows we’ve seen many times!

I still need to begin WayWard. I’m looking forward to it, the series is highly rated, but recently my daily 40 minutes of reading have mostly been not comics related.



I knew I liked Zub’s writing from reading some Skullkickers, and the art, particularly the color palettes caught my eye. As I started reading I realized I’d heard about it before, I believe listening to a podcast last year. It didn’t disappoint. I’ll be getting further volumes.

I need to make more time for reading too. I read at night in bed, but that's about it. Of course I'm reading online all the time, but I need some long-form stuff too. I try to always have an ebook on my phone for when I have a moment


Yeah, I don’t count online surfing no matter how good the articles are! But I do count magazines in my reading, as they’re in my field of interest and I’ll read them cover to cover.

favourite steemia support.jpg

I'm happy to tell you that I've chosen you for automatic upvotes as part of my new initiative "Jon Magnusson's favourite Steemians support".

This is because I personally has reviewed your content and found it to be something I want to support and encourage and/or the work you do for the Steemit community. I found you thanks to a recommendation from @gvand

If you believe that someone deserves my attention, please leave a comment with a link to some of their work.

I've a huge collection of animated movies based on comics, what would you suggest if I wanna start reading comics?


What are some of the movie titles you've enjoyed? If I know the genres a bit more perhaps I can give you some interesting suggestions!

I think it's great that you want to retake those habits, sometimes technology separates us a lot from reality and that is bad, but these kinds of hobbies are very enriching fill us with new expectations, learning among other things

Good read, it's nice that you are making reading a habit again! I agree about netflix and social media, they really do take us away from reading. Also, I think the problem is, that we are now just used to rushing things! No one thinks they have time for just sitting there with a book 'doing nothing' and that is very sad.
Oh, one more thing- is that app you use for android or ios only?


It looks like the app I use is iOS only. But I think there are many with similar features and intentions to choose from! Welcome to Steem by the way. I enjoyed your intro post very much. Thanks for coming by, reading, and commenting!


Yeah, I looked myself and did not find the one with such interface, hence the question. I guess I'll just have to find some similar app :) and thank you for your feedback!

This post is shining a giant spotlight on the little thing that's been nagging at me, in the back of my mind, for quite some time... I haven't sat down and read a book in a very long time. It's sad, really, because I've always enjoyed it, and had been reading before bed since I was a very young child. There were also days when hubs and I would just lay on the couch/go camping in our trailer in the snow, and just read all day. Since having children, though, I have not made the time. Well, I suppose I do still read, because I read to them every night before bed. But reading "The Cat in the Hat" to my 3 year old is not quite as engaging as sitting down and immersing myself in some Tolkien. 😅 As they get older, and more independent, I am finding more time to devote to the things I used to do, but I feel like I should make a point of getting myself back into the habit now, rather than waiting for someday.

A while ago I was juggling a few books, and never got around to finishing any of them... I want to get back to them, though. I was reading the classic "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Nicholas Nickleby", as well as a biography on Howard Hughes (which I was struggling with, because it was not terribly well-written). I want to get back to those, and I also want to re-read the Watchmen graphic novel.

haha, that copy of A.L. is pretty conspicuous among the others. Thanks for the plug! Yeash. I can't even remember the last time I sat down to read something. I have a book that reprints reporting ( or what passed for reporting) of cases of vampirism in Europe in the late 1800s. It's really interesting...I should figure out where i put the damn thing and start reading it again.

I used to read so much when I was younger but once I hit my junior year of high school and the workload started to become insane, I stopped. And I feel like I haven't been able to start that habit back up again. But luckily I have podcasts and audible & I still get to listen to a ton of stuff so not all hope is lost. I definitely want to check out that productivity app, seems like it might be useful!

That app looks super useful, I need to check it out!

I still read an absolute ton- I average over 100-200 books or so a year. (Being a natural speed reader is handy!) When I was younger, I read even more, however- social media definitely displaced a lot of that.

In my case, I'd be using the app to remind me to exercise every morning, which seems to be my keystone habit.

Reading -is a wonderful habit.
I would also like to have a more time to read!
Good post!
I'll follow you, and I will be happy if you follow to my blog. I hope we will be friends;)