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One of my favorite things about the nerdy industry I’m involved in, is seeing the amazing talent that is just waiting to be discovered. One such individual is an artist based out of the Philippines named Miguel Mercado.

I have never heard of this individual as of a few days ago but stumbled upon this beautiful image of Mary Jane patching up Peter Parker as he patches up his Spidey suit. I instantly fell in love just as MJ & Peter have.

This image sums up a lot for, marriage, support, bravery, sacrifice, commitment...let alone the nerdy Norman Rockwell vibe I get from this. Am I alone in that?!? I love the facial expressions on the pair as well.

Man, I’d love to have this as a variant cover for my shop. Make the trade dressing look like the old Saturday Evening Post style. I think that would be real sharp. So much so that I reached out to him to ask a few questions. No reply yet but I’ll keep ya updated if it goes anywhere.

Check out more of his art below if ya like this piece!!!

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Entré al artículo porque el titulo me llamo la atención y cual es mi sorpresa que por medio de la imagen de MJ y Peter, transmites de forma muy clara lo que es el amor verdadero y el apoyo de pareja; además que das a entender que el arte del cómic es una expresión que cada día sorprende más por su forma de tocar a cualquier persona con sencillas imágenes pero con profundos mensajes. Demasiado bien lo que colocaste. Espero poder leer otro así. Un abrazo.

I had to translate it, but I got the message! Lol

Thanks for reaching out. I hope to see ya around here more!

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Great artwork for sure!

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Definitely. Meanwhile, I can’t draw a circle properly. Lol

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Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

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Howdy sir blewitt! Man, that guy is unbelievable. I went to his site. Wow. And I love the Norman Rockwell flavor of this one!

Right?!? That’s the crazy part about this industry. There are so many talented folks just waiting to be discovered.

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It is truly amazing and if they get noticed in your industry they should have it made!


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