Cthulhu argues with a newspaper editor short comic - Comedy Open Mic Round 13

in #comics6 years ago (edited)

Here's a story I did that I'm pretty pleased with. As many takes as there have been on the ancient one...he's hard subject matter to find a different angle on. Oddly enough, he fits in real well with my type storytelling.






There's a whole second part...I'll put that up Thursday.
Feel free to check out my website if you wanna. There's more comics, blogs, and a store of course. See you next time! www.arseniclullabies.com

Oh, and I nominate @acidpanda and @hippywithagun


Wooo....this is cray-cray. @buttcoins come see this, Cthulhu logic of ideas matches yours....you gotta check this out .....muahahah!

hey @arseniclullaby, you can poison my mind to sleep anyday!

super glad to see you on Steem, and totally stoked that you're here with the #comedyopenmic community!!

Hahaha, brilliant!

Come enter the #comedyopenmic contest, might win some crypto! Check out the below link for details.


Thanks for the tip! I have a couple animated vids that might work.

Lovely. You just don't realise the existential problems that a creature like Cthulhu faces. Look firward to part two!

The struggle is real. haha!

The premise got my attention, the line about 'Such is the pinnacle of man's hubris man's hubris' got my smile.

Thanks, I like the contrast of his poetic insight next to his base need for attention.

Well, that was fantastic! I didn't want it to end. I hope you enter in the #comedyopenmic contest.

Thanks a lot! Part 2 is up, In case you missed it...has a pretty good ending, I think.

Right on. Going there now.

@f3nix come see you might like it has your favorite >:)

Aw man I just realized I didn't comment on this previously, I enjoyed it so much I ran right to the Comedy Open Mic discord and dropped the link there and talked you up to the COM people and forgot to actually comment here myself! I LOVE THIS! Seriously, seriously love it. I drink my coffee every morning from a Cthulhu cup to give you some idea of the depth of my love here. This is so frickin' funny. Really glad you are here on Steem and you are going to fit in great with the COM people :) RESTEEMED Much love - Carl "Cthulhu Coffee" Gnash

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh!

Thanks man! you never know what kinda response you're going to get with work like mine, when you take it somewhere new. And thanks for getting me involved with Comedy open mic! I love that mug btw. That's pretty damn awesome.

"She can't get booze on her own but she can get abortions at will apparently."

Serious Lolz on that one.

I like your art as well. Totally brings me back to reading the "funny papers" when I was a child.

The punchline at the end was a perfect topping.

Thank you! Yeah, haha I forgot about that line! Funny you should mention the old funny papers, I try to keep the colors muted for the purpose of giving that feel. Glad someone noticed!

12 hobos should get you in the paper. maybe call them terrorist hobos.

yeah, and maybe kill them on a slow news day.

Great illustrations and concept. I can't read the text on my phone, so I'll be back ;)

Thank you, Someone else mentioned it's tough to read the handwritten text. Not much I can do about that but do come on back! I dare say you won't be disappointed.

Well on my computer it reads just fine. Poor Cthulhu. The road to fame is hard :D This is good.

haha, yes it's a struggle even for an elder god.

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