Arsenic Lullaby- sketch card art Mars Attacks and Lovecraft

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I've been sick as a dog the last few days, and working on a project I can't show you...but I have learned that the H.P.Lovecraft trading card set that I contributed to will soon be available.  I did some cards that are to be foil enhanced, fancy stuff!

I don't do much work for trading card companies, single images aren't really my strong suite, I'm more of a storyteller.  I have in the past done some sketchcards/chase cards.  How that works is the company will have some illustrators do actual original art on 50 or so special cards and randomly insert them in packs.  and theoretically people will waste lots of money buying extra packs in hopes of getting one of the cards.  A fine idea if not for ebay, where people who got the cards can just put them up for sale, to be bought by people rather than having to buy several boxes of cards in hopes of getting one.

Topps does this, Monsterwax used to, I forget who else. It's a nice change of pace, or a good way to get your foot in the door, or test the waters with a company. For instance when I did some sketch cards for Topps I learned that I don't even want to work for Topps again.   To be fair...I say that pretty much every time I work for a company...except Valiant.'s some scans of a few of the cards I did for Mars Attacks

MAreturned kid.jpg

MAreturned window.jpg

mars attacks blog ship.jpg

and some I did for the previous Monsterwax H.P. Lovecraft set.

legendary lovecraft 4.jpg

monsterwax 2.jpg

madam hydra abducts.jpg

madam hydra waits.jpg

I'll let you know as soon as the new set is released with my fancy cards in it...assuming this cold doesn't kill me.

I'll be in St.Paul early next month at the MCBA Fall Comic-con! so come and see me. Bring energy drinks!

MCBA 2018 logo.JPG

you can always see more of my work at the Arsenic Lullaby website or just check out the site to see other stuff.

there's more #comics and an online store to order a physical copy coupon code -voodoo- is good for 20% off or if you see something you like and want to use steem, just contact me here or on discord. I also accept commissions!

ArsenicLullaby#2207 on Discord

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Not used to seeing such great informative posts on steem.


Well, welcome to my steemit page. I make sure my posts are meaty. #comics

I've not heard of artists doing band fan cards like this before. It's not a scene I got into. Some seem like schemes to get kids hooked such as the football stickers where you'd need to spend a fortune to get the set. But they will still whatever people will buy and some just like collecting things.

·'s kind of a scam. but one that's less effective in the age of ebay

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These are all nice sketch art for the card. I'm curious to see how they would look like when they release it. Keep us updated :D.  


Thanks, I will...I'm hoping to have a link for you all in a week or so. #comics

Can't wait for those Lovecraft cards. I'm gonna get scammed so good! 😊 #comics