Arsenic Lullaby short comic- Cthulhu oversleeps, misses the apocalypse

in comics •  9 months ago

Still haven't figured out if I'm posting too much or not enough or just right. In any case, I'm thinking on mondays a short story comic, Wednesdays a blog of some kind and Saturdays some work in progress or "how to" post.

...I'll probably not follow that schedule at all , but it sounds nice to act like I have plan.

anyways, here's today's comic ( this isn't the actual cover for the book it'll be in, because I showed you that already, but it pretty much works.)








You'll be able to order Arsenic Lullaby The Devil's Decade soon, and in the meantime there's a best of collection up at the store ( )



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:> i love it

i love all of your comics

all of it <3

"all of these dream talks always gives me the heebie jeebies"

"are you european?"


brilliant stuff, sir

upvotes and resteems


haha! Thanks, thanks so much! it was funny writing a creepy guy "my you two could say hello, and I'll watch"

Well, personally I don't think you publish too often at all. I've been over to check if there was something new several times since the last post ;)


Well bless your heart ;) I'll be sure to post at least as often as I have been. and if you every miss me there's a ton of my stuff on my website!

The comics is very good


hey, thanks! more to come.

Great comic :D I will resteemit


I appreciate that resteem! always god having people who like A.L. enough to spread the word!

good cartoon and write have great day


Thank you, I'll try. You have a great day as well.

I say find what works for you. I used to post multiple times a day, now I find once a day is good for me, as that fits my own schedule. I LOVE your work, so you can't ever post too much for me, but I say find what really feels good for you for feedback and scheduling of your own day. :)


Thanks! I'm just leery of posting too often and sucking out all the oxygen, y'know?

I love it whenever you post these, but I guess a regular schedule means people know when to expect it. It's a good time to be experimenting with this.


Thank you. yeah, that's what I was thinking, get people into the habit of coming by on certain days or having something to look forward to.

Teehee, it’s the end of the world and Satan and Cthulhu are squabbling over one guy’s fate. Poor Satan, can’t he turn that guy away since he’s an atheist?


Love it.


Yeah, i don't know what his options are if the guy's an atheist. Maybe he didn't want to take the risk, and figured converting him would be easier?