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I guess some "update" happened...and Steemit may or may not be working for everyone?

I read a little about the doesn't seem to address anything that a normal social media using human being would understand...or maybe even notice. Whoever is running this upcoming "steemfest" would be well served to bring some random people up on stage, sit them in front of a laptop with a steemit account and just write down everything they say.

Or just fix the fucking search engine so that a new user can find things that they actually give a fuck they find it fun to be on. Right now you can't swing a dead cat on here without hitting 678 posts about crypto currency....NOW...go look at ANY other social media site and look at what's's not cryptocurrency.

That's my two cents. If the platform is fun, people will use it. If it is not, they won't. any update that is not geared towards making it more fun to missing the boat. To be fair, this whole HF20 update may have done just that...I couldn't make heads or tales out any of the stuff they were talking about, and I'm not alone in that.

Stemm lives or dies based on the steemit social media site, social media sites live or die based on content/content providers attracting and retaining content viewers. The...End.

But hey, what do I know, right?

Oh...wait...I know some stuff about building a following..


The content providers and viewers don't GAF about the inner machinations, nor are they going to invest the time figuring it out or learning the terminology. All 90% of the users here know is that site ain't working because of some "update" and 100% of the people who are not yet users but might have been curious know is- the site ain't working.

But hey, this whole post is just a test to see if this fuckers working here's some stuff I drew...





hell in the laundry room.jpg



there's more #comics and an online store to order a physical copy coupon code -voodoo- is good for 20% off or if you see something you like and want to use steem, just contact me here or on discord. I also accept commissions!

ArsenicLullaby#2207 on Discord

!!!!the tags list on Steemit is generated by code...which puts tags up there based on ONLY popularity of use. You will notice that as of yet #comics does not exist there. So what we have been doing is using the hashtag #comics every single time we comment on my posts ( or any other posts if you like). It doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense to use it...the code doesn't know the difference!!!!


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hahaha, oh god, great "Charles Globe" naming there and comic.

I did not know that using #comics in the comments help count toward the overall use on the Steemit charts, will definitely keep this in mind now.

I agree with most of what you said. The search function on here is useless. Even on DTube, I can't find anything that interests me. Why would I go to DTube when I can just go to YouTube, where I can find hours of video that suits my interests.

All of this hardfork stuff is way over my head and like you, I'm just looking for a platform that is fun to use, which should be the #1 priority. I don't want to be inundated with endless posts about crypto currency.

I do slightly disagree with your assessment that steem lives or dies based on Steemit. That might have been the case when it first started but with new Dapps constantly being developped and introduced each day, Steemit becomes less and less relevant each week. More and more people are joining the steem blockchain through Dapps other than Steemit.

As you say though, the site has to work properly first and have content that appeals to a wide audience, not just crypto heads.

Very funny comic strip, by the way! Nice twist added to the vintage comic strip ad. I usually upvote your stuff but apparently with this latest update, it's been depleting everyone's voting power with a single vote. I guess it's supposed to be fixed in a couple of days.


I'll admit to your points of Dapps being over my head, since I only have a vaugue idea of what a blockchain is. as you said "I'm just looking for a platform that is fun to use" But if you can explain it to me slowly...I'll listen (it's not like I can spend my time voting on anything right now, LOL)


I'm in the same boat as you. I couldn't explain the blockchain to save my life. However, I do know enough to say that there are dozens and dozens of developers creating new Dapps (decentralized apps) every day that use the steem blockchain that Steemit is built upon. That means posts on those apps earn steem from upvotes just like on Steemit without even having to use Steemit.

Heck, even when I want to blog about something, I don't even use Steemit anymore. I prefer to use or @steempeak which are much more user friendly and mirror everything on Steemit.

I've already mentioned @Dtube and once that dapp improves and more video content creators join it, it would be a good alternative to YouTube.

There are also alternatives to Instagram (@Steepshot), Kickstarter (@Fundition), Soundcloud (@dsound) and Ebay (@steembay) to name a very few.

All of these can be used without ever using or visiting Steemit and use steem the same way. Granted, they are all in the early stages, so mass adoption is still a ways off but these are all evidence that steem is attracting developers and inspiring them to create decentralized apps of all kinds that don't need to be about blogging.

I can't even keep up with all the new Dapps. Some will come and go but I see a lot of innovative ones come out all the time and this can only help steem.

I would upvote this post but my voting power is on its arse. 👍🏻

Despite the general quietness, you keep dropping wonderful post with thoughtful text and really funny comic pages <3

You are amazing, Doug <3

Love your spirits!!!!