Arsenic Lullaby Comic- The Demon and the Ouija Board

in comics •  9 months ago

One of my favorite stories from my upcoming collection, just to remind us all this Monday morning, that everyone's job sicks a little ( or a lot ).








hmm..I guess I coulda done without the link and name on every single page...and probably didn't need the page numbers. Ah well...I'll know better next time.


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Do demons seek job satisfaction? There was a British radio comedy called Old Harry's Game set in hell that had fun with this.

I enjoyed this comic. There's one small typo of choir instead of chore


Old Harry's game? Is that an old time radio show?! I love those! X minus One and Lights out where great.


It was a few years ago. It may be online somewhere.

laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs

this is amazing sir <3 i love your stuff, omg

i love LOVE your stuff :D


laughs again



Thanks!! You are too kind! If you ever find yourself bored, the A.L. webpage has a comics randomizer that spits out a random comic with each click of your mouse.

Hehehe I always like reading funny stories about devil being hard at work. Nice work!

Poor Bertie ;D.



Haha, some guys just can't catch a break. Thinking about using Bert again, he's a fun character.

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Love your work, love your work. =)


Thanks a ton!!!

I thought I will read the first one; I did and did not get it. Then I got it. So funny. I think you have a great mind for the devil; if you will excuse me for saying so.

Then out of the curiosity, I read the other ones on the page; pretty good sequence if you as me. The dental insurance is a great line. keep it up!


Thank you! Yeah! That was one of my favorite parts! :D That and the kid in the wheelchair making him nervous (although I'm not sure how well that came's tough to convey timing in comic book form)

pg5 top-right panel

The word "choir" is probably meant to be "chore". I hope this can be corrected before going to print.


Oh is it now? Mr 25 reputation score? well MY score is 50 and I say it's spelled correctly! So there! ( checks dictionary...chastises dictionary for not having any reputation score, throws dictionary in garbage).

Poor Satan. That must have been tough. Good thing he didn't get stuck here on earth. That would really suck.


Yep, he dodged a bullet there!

These stories are hilarious!


Thanks! More to come!

I love the dead hitchhiker in another outfit trick... Too bad it didn't work :D


I guess we can't blame him for trying!...huh...I wonder where he go the second set of clothes. Probably some other hitchhiker. but then what did he do with that body? eh, let's not think about it.