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This month of July has been a great achievement for our fellow comic artists and community. Central Texas Artist Collective (CTAC) helped curate a milestone in gallery openings for our city. I think a gallery does not typically hold space for comic artists, which does not make sense to me because of the amazing talent being exhibited in Artist Alley at Comic Conventions. Certainly the art is appreciated and part of the consumerism with its personal flare and style. Whether it's a print or original, the amazing attention to detail and display of powerful poses and motion to the characters drawn really deliver. It's a wonder why artwork such as this does not always find wall space in a gallery. Instead, we will find this:


Or this:


I don't mean to belittle one's form of expression, however I feel there should be a little more.
Don't you think?

My point is, this month one of our premier gallery spaces, Cultivate 7Twelve, held a Pop and Comic Art show. The opening was fantastic and altogether a marvel. Especially to everyone not aware of this level of talent involved in this field. I love abstracts and impressionism as well, but why limit your understanding in art.




I think we made a statement. We provided a voice and space opened up for this amazing event. Thank-you Artists and thanks to those of you that support and appreciate it. It's what we do and your words of encouragement go a long way!


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