comic rewiew (Uncanny xmen the dark phoenix saga)

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Hi guys today I want to make a comic review about the Uncanny Xmen the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Few characters summarize Chris Claremont's journey in X-Men quite
like Jean Gray. Once the demure Marvel Girl, the only woman in
the original team whose role was to be hijacked or desired,
Jean had become the powerful host of an intergalactic force
of destruction
It is no longer the "best gal-pal" of the "strangest teenagers in the world", she
it became the tragic heart of an epic. Intoxicated by power, she abuses
and he is forced to pay the price. Jean could have been resurrected, as
in fact, they have many of the characters whose deaths make this list, but
truly great stories project long shadows.
From here on, the X-Men became an unstoppable force, sitting
over the comic lists for two decades, generating animated series and
eventually movies.
A decade earlier, the Uncanny X-Men had been threatened with
cancellation. Now they got up like a phoenix ...


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