Cattoon : "to the moon" , SAVE THE WHALE !

in comic •  9 days ago 

i'm actually not 100% sure i didnt post this anywhere yet but it's not in my , euhm, wel, folder , lol, i thought i lost it , but here i find it ... my harddrives are organized like the inside of my head ... Jane's underground, precious ...


if i did, then by all means i think it's seriously applicable at the moment and good shit never get old (MOMMY HE SAID SHIT) ...

and by any and all means i dont think i owe anythning to my huge fanbase here, sabotaged from week one by ... who's names we shall not mention as long as they fuck off to somewhere i am not



and also, i think it's worth more than 15 cents so maybe i should post it 100 times LO-OOOOO-ol ...


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