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Can you feel the winds of change? I do. However, none feels it more than the Elite 1% who have been deep into the Wars & Famine on our Planet for the last 400 years.

In less than 5 generations, total domination of trade, banking and securities have been controlled by those individuals of whom shan't be named. Bloody Hell, I would rather yell out the name Voldemort a million times in front of the bathroom mirror, than repeat the names of those pawns of Sauron & Tom Cruise!

Here is an insightful article by @v4vapid related to the comic panel.

The last 48hrs have been a roller-coaster ride, especially in time with the Patent of Bank of America dropping the info of their Exchange. Well you know what this means right, those who shan't be named, are preparing for conquest?.

How will the Crypto-Wars turn out in mid-2018?

Who will have the upper hand, the Elite or the Meek?

Did I leave my cat in the dryer last night?

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That comic sure did make many laugh :) Sad but true. Thank you for sharing. Resteemed.

Wont it be profitable to convert crypto into some currency with lower market capacity????????? bitcoins are making so mucg progress right now all for what coz it has only 21 million market cap max... if u invest into something into even lower market cap then today or tomorrow u can make way more money...plus bitcoin mining is becomng so expensive now that unfortunately people will lose interest i think investing into btc wont be the best option u hv right nw


Hey mate, whatever you think is best I guess. Just to noobs out there, its a Bitcoin thing. Personally last few weeks Ive been getting good returns on THC, EMC2, BlokTix and a lucky surge on ADA last week.

This is just a satirical comic amigo, hope you enjoyed it. I aint no Crypto-analyst, far from it. Just a casual trader and Hodler.


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Knowing about bitcoin 2009 I've probably just ignored it @pulpworx. Lol. 😄
Anyway, if I may, I've read one of your comment about a month ago about you asking on how to recover Steemit password. I head on your Steemit and saw your post hours ago so you've successfully logged in or got your password or a new one. I just want to ask how you got back to Steemit if it's ok? I was asking for my brother who can't logged in to Steemit as he don't know/remember his password. Maybe he still can. Thank you. 🙂


Yea dont we all, time machine please.

Alas, twas not my account, I was asking for a friend. Its still pretty much impossible once password is lost. Only advice I can give is to look in the browser cache for the password if the autosave option was on. Hope that helps.