A Story of a Trader and his Wife ~ [COMIC]

in comic •  2 years ago

Hi guys heres the episode #1 of my comic in Steemit :) Let me know if you like it, I'm going to publish the next episodes in next few days. FEEL Free to comment :)

LOL, poor Sam! Good bye to his hard earned $STEEMS

If you like it, upvote, and place a comment. And dont forget to follow @pinagpala for future comics ! Thank you very much!

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sir thank you :)

Nyahahaa! This is so funny man XD And the wife even knew how to exchange it and stuff or she taught herself diligently to buy those things. But it's also cute :)


lols if theres a will theres a way haha.


That's true, man. Hahaha

;) that was cute. Thanks for the chuckle!


thank you :)


Hey Happy birthday :)

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LOL Thanks for the funny post! good to see more comedy on steemit. Steem on


hehe thanks, follow me @pinagpala to see the next episodes.. I just followed you :)


will do! and Thanks :)

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Thank u

Haha, heey, Very nice!


Thank you.. followed you back :)