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HAHA! This is not too far away! It kind of frightens me actually!


This is not too far away!

Agreed. Although it will be slowed a lot by regulation.


Very good point! Thankfully.. Thumbprints, retina scanner, voice recognition, DNA scanners... the list continues..

Alexa, vote this up for me

Ah, the future is now!!

Is it just me, Or I see the ripple in the future.

Dildos. 1000000 dildos.

Now hiring drone pilots. Do you qualify?

I think what makes this funny is the fact that it is a legitimate possibility in the future.

It is a fact of life; technology is here to stay. It is up to us to determine how to use it: those who think that technology we'll come and go I believe are quite not convinced of what has been happening in the last +30 years. It is like when the internet came aboard - some were saying it will not last. Best we can do is to adapt & make sure that we harness all the benefits of these systems

This can be made FUTURE series too. Adding OK Google. We use both at home, lots of fun.

So true!! A little scary!

Love your humour (and prophecy)

WOW. People are getting lazier and lazier and more stupid every day.


I know I am


Yeah they made a movie about it _ WallE

hahahah love your work

Or walking bot delivery :)

Assuming that Alexa will understand...


And don´t speech recognition...

Hahaha, cool bro!

This is a lot closer than everyone thinks. Few years and this could be the normal. Great comic. Thanks for sharing.

LOL I'll be waiting for those days :D

very funny...

yea I believe soon we will receive pizza by a drone jeje, nice work!

I followed you. Will you follow me? Thank you! Good Luck to you!

nice one lets how steemit will also grow wings

please check my post on mental aptidude (thanks for your time


all in the name of progress.

Spooky... because I am guessing that Alexa is probably the one who locked him out. Singularity maybe?

Funny, but surely going to happen very soon!

Not long until this will be a reality, HAHA!

A system like that actually bad . If the computer knows your Home so does the gov...

OOOh, I can just see that happening. What if the guy ordered something a tad more expensive?

Wasn't domino's pizza already testing it?