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Guys have you watched this version? Very funny!

Lol. What is Mario standing on at the end?


Just something from my youth.

You never played on top of a green electrical transformer box?


Ah, no, not on top but I do recognize it now that you have clarified.

Do you happen to generate a lot of static electricity in your adulthood?

This sure brings back some good memories :)

I hope Goomba would smash Mario's face one day!

lol. Funny.

Damit. Now I want to play my my old school games lol

Haaaa is sort of like pyro from TF 2 :))

i thought mario was gonna mention bitcoin or the darkweb

Nice post @mynameisbrian sir i play super mario game alot and really love super mario character and game.

hahaha nice to descript on super mario...i was enjoy this before many year ago @brian sir

sure supermario its a great game for our all us thats time

This is awesome!

Ha! that's hilarious

this got a chuckle out of me because my 2 oldest have just discovered Mario and now want to play it non stop. it's fun to see them discover something i played growing up but it boy makes you feel old, lol.

Mario's dialogue seems downright presidential nowadays. 😉


Haha, the unpixeled version!!

Hahaha lol xD good one