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Theoretically, yes.


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Duuuuudddde ... make a comic about ...

I get it! I get it! I had to read it three times, but I get it!

Liked and resteemed ☺️

Oh, dog I must be retarded as I just do not get it and I've read reread and read again.


IN-TENTS? Intense

They might be amateur. :D

Great post! Upvoted and following =)

Hahahahah hilarius!

OK i got it!

Love it... Actually laughed out loud :-)

Then the children came back from the undead and ripped the guts out of Yellow Shirt Guy.

Reminds me of a Farside comic "It was late and I was tired" haha!

good comic! good money too :D follow me..

I liked. Upvoted.

Good job and nice comic @mynameisbrian

Haha, nice pun!

As @soo.chong163 posted, it does remind me of the Farside comic humor. Deadly serious.

So that's why you can't buy circus tents on Ebay?

HAH! Nice. Very reminiscent of C&H

Very nice images, I likes
I love to join steemit and to help earh other
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Actually, probably not bot. Just a dude follow begging.