Fantomas versus the Multinational Vampires

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I know that some times we search for foreign editions or versions of Comic Books that are originally from the USA but, what if we do things backwards and try it the other way around? What happens if we pick a comicbook or local superhero kind of character and then we try to find a foreign version of the comic, including the USA version?

Ok, this is what I've found so far, stay with me guys.

Fantomas is a very well know comic book character in Mexico. Originally published by Novaro Publishing in the late 60´s, Fantomas was some sort of thief that changed hiw ways and started a gig as a spy and action man, handsome, gentleman-like, classy and refined man, surrounded by women, money and luxury... some sort of a mix between James Bond and Robin Hood.

The comic book became popular in this country and a well known newspaper called 'Excelsior' published a one shot with the title FANTOMAS VS LOS VAMPIROS MULTINACIONALES (In english, Fantomas versus the Multinational Vampires), where the world renowned writer and award winner poet Julio Cortázarwas in charged of the story.

This story revolves around how Fantomas and Cortazar (his alter ego inside the comic book, with the same name), defended our freedom of speech and expression. This one shot became an instant success among collectors and it has never been printed again, it was just the one edition and that's it, which makes it a very precious, worthy and valuable copy.

Now, I have tracked at least 5 different versions of this one shot edition, included the USA one and I believe I am only missing the Italian version, which I hope I can get my hands on by Christmas, if able...

Here are some pics of the comic books and a group foto.

Comic Books are also culture, I hope you liked this post!