Ten Batman Comic Book Covers

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Detective Comics Rebirth #934 Variant Cover (2016) by DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV. Art by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. Cover by Rafael Albuquerque. ‘RISE OF THE BATMEN’ chapter one An unknown predator begins outdoing Batman, taking down dangerous threats with military precision. It’s up to the Dark Knight and series costar Batwoman to rally and train the young heroes of Gotham City to end this mysterious threat! WHAT NOW: Batman and Batwoman begin training Spoiler, Red Robin and Cassandra Cain, but is the villainous Clayface ready for redemption? 

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 Batman Jekyll & Hyde #1 (2005) by DC Comics
Written by Paul Jenkins Art and Jae Lee Cover by Sean Phillips “…man is not truly one, but truly two.” ? R.L. Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Never has that been better demonstrated than in Batman’s conflicted foe Two- Face, the subject of the new 6-issue miniseries BATMAN: JEKYLL & HYDE by writer Paul Jenkins (Peter Parker: Spider-Man)! Expressing the dual nature of the villain, the miniseries will feature visuals by two distinct artists: Jae Lee (Inhumans) illustrates issues #1-3, while Sean Phillips (SLEEPER) draws issues #4-6! JEKYLL & HYDE is a story of duality that examines how one man can seemingly harbor two souls, each bent on the other’s destruction. But who is more honest: the man who acknowledges his dark side or the man who suppresses it? Don’t miss this terrifying tale of Two-Face’s past and present, as he battles with himself ? and the Batman! 
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 Spawn Batman One-Shot (January 1994) by Image and DC Comics
Batman comes to New York City in his search for an arsenal of high-tech weapons and robots that use decapitated human heads as their brains. Antagonistic, confrontational and suspicious of each other, Spawn and Batman engage in violent battles before realizing they are both after the same villain. Grudgingly, they decide to work together. The person they seek has been kidnapping and decapitating the homeless for use in the robots, but that’s only part of the plan: There is also a nuclear arsenal ready to be deployed.
Written by Frank Miller, Drawn by Todd McFarlane
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 Batman: Shadow of the Bat #31 (September 1994) by DC Comics

The scrambled timeline resulting from ZERO HOUR brings Alfred back to the Batcave as if he never left. But this Alfred is more than different-looking - he has dreams of becoming a detective. And when Batman must contend with a gang of killers, his butler may prove to be an even greater menace in “The Battling Butler!” Written by Alan Grant, with art by Bret Blevins. Cover by Brian Stelfreeze.
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 Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #0 (October 1994) by DC Comics

Cover by Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti Writers Archie Goodwin Pencilers Vince Giarrano Inkers Vince Giarrano
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 Detective Comics featuring Batman #662 (June 1993) by DC Comics
Cover Artist: Sam Kieth Writer: Charles ‘Chuck’ Dixon Penciller: Graham Nolan Inker: Scott Hanna
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 Batman Year Two Trade Paperback (1990) by DC Comics
Collects Detective Comics #575-578. Written by MIKE W. BARR. Art by ALAN DAVIS, TODD MCFARLANE, PAUL NEARY, ALFREDO ALCALA, and MARK FARMER. In a story that takes place in the Batman’s early years, the Dark Knight comes face-to-face with the Reaper, a vigilante who has become judge, jury, and executioner on the criminal underworld. As Bruce Wayne pursues a romantic relationship with Rachel Caspian, the Batman pursues the Reaper. When Batman strikes a deal with Gotham’s criminal element he comes face-to-face with Joe Chill, the man who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents. In order to catch the deadly Reaper, Batman must team-up with the last person on Earth he wants to.
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 Batman: Cacophony #1 (2008) by DC Comics

Cover by Adam Kubert Writers Kevin Smith Pencilers Walt Flanagan Inkers Sandra Hope
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 Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Faces by Matt Wagner Complete #29 (April 1992) by DC Comics
Legends of the Dark Knight 29 (April 1992) Faces Part 2
Writer and Artist Matt Wagner
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 All-Star Batman #1 Jock Variant Cover (2016) by DC Comics
Written by Scott Snyder. Art by John Romita & Various. Cover by Jock. ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ part one! Superstar writer Scott Snyder explodes into an all-new Batman series alongside legendary artist John Romita Jr., reimagining some of the Dark Knight’s greatest villains. First up: Two-Face! Batman must take Two-Face to a destination out of Gotham City, but the duplicitous villain has a two of spades up his sleeve. Every assassin, bounty hunter and ordinary citizen with something to hide is on their tails with one goal: kill Batman! Handcuffed together on the road to hell, this is Batman and Two-Face as you’ve never seen them before!
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