How to Tell If You're Experiencing Confirmation Bias

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In this video, Scott Adams explains how to tell if you're experiencing confirmation bias.

As we all know (?) confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs. (wikipedia)

Confirmation bias, is like looking at the world through a pair of sunglasses (beliefs.) It's almost impossible to tell what reality looks like until you take your sunglasses (beliefs) off.  It's part of the human condition, and we all do it to some degree. So Scott, explains some techniques on how to tell if you're experiencing this phenomenon in the following ways.

You are experiencing confirmation bias if:

  1. If your side requires an analogy to make your case. An analogy is almost always a "tell" for someone who doesn't have reason on their side. Nobody uses an analogy when the facts are on their side. If a tiger is loose in your house you don't tell the kids, "there's something large and dangerous, sort-of like an elephant in the house."
  2. If your case depends on you reading someone's mind. You don't make a case based on someone else's imaginary thinking.

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