We are living in "The Crypto Roller Coaster" - ComedyOpenMic Round 20 - 1st Entry

in comedyopenmic •  5 months ago
The crypto market started showing Green again. I could remember how things happened in last year (2017) June-July. At that time the whole crypto market showed huge fluctuations. Once it rised, once it dropped. Like what we experience while we are in a Roller Coaster. Then we welcomed 2018 and the whole crypto market place was at a significant up trend. The mighty BitCoin was at $20,000 and our beloved STEEM was at $8.
At that time some people started yelling "we are at a top of crypto bubble". Somehow they were correct, somehow they were wrong. Because, we all are passengers of crypto roller coaster. Anytime, the crypto market can be rocketing to the moon and anytime, it can dropped to the ground.
Whatever happens, we all a part of it. Whatever happens we welcome it with happy and joy.

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This is my 1st submission for #comedyopenmic round 20.
I am nominating @neoxian and @minpine for this #comedyopenmic round 20.
Here is the link to the competition round 20
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goddammit everything is in the green except steem again!


Oh shit, you jinxed again? lol :D


Dam looks like no eating this week. price dropped too low.

I welcome the rollercoaster! Haha. Back on steemit with a new name. For now, I am unable to access my old account.


Bro what has happened to your previous account? Is there no way to recover it?


I hoow the value rises like bread with excess yeast.

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to the moon!

i feel green from this rollercoaster....im about to start barfing out some of these shit coins