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JACK Always have ambiguous dreams of his #steemit but this day dream was different, so here jack was sleeping and he was started dreaming of his two latest post that got 1000sbd worth of upvotes when he woke up totally carried away by this dream he still believed that dream meant something and started making arrangements,calling all his friends about the club they would go to this night, he planned on blowing off his savings, according to him it was a way to show faith, so he and his friends went out blowing off all their savings at a,girls took notice of them and came along, it was definitely the best time of jack's life that night he encored a debt of 500$ from his friend Joe and he did not bother he told him all the expenses were covered.
The next morning he decided to check his posts and funny enough it had the 1000sbd worth of upvotes thing was the market value for 1 sbd was 0.0001 and he was supposed to pay his debts that Monday
Jack pencil_sketch_1526825148549.jpg
I nominate @yalzeee and @manze for this contest.


Hi Sonime,

Please include "Comedy Open Mic Round 21" in the title and also please nominate 2 people to participate in the contest.


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Gotta keep dreaming.

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Hahaha! Dreaming is good. But when a minnow like Jack, had such a dream, he should have known better-- that such a dream was a signal of an impending fever, perhaps, malaria. Lol.


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