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JACK was playing #steemmonster on his phone, he was introduced to the game by a fellow steemian @yalzeee fron school and about 6:00pm his mom came to his room and told Jack that‘ food is ready’ and he told her he was not hungry,
Joe was with mom and smiled mischievously as he tried to complain about the numerous hours Jack have spent with his phone and that jack would kill his brain if he continues with this .
Jack: looking at Joe with a snarl you better watch your mouth.
MOM: okay boys it's enough,and jack you brother is right you should be thankful.
Joe: grinning brightly.
JACK: blah blah blah
Mom and joe left to the dining table. Joe finished his food he requested for more and the only one left was that of jack's.
MOM: go and ask Jack if you could have some of his food.
JOE: Yo Jack
JACK:I am busy right now get out of my room!
JOE:mom said i should…..
JACK: yes yes yes now leave me alone.
Joe: frowning,well since that's how he want it okay then.
MOM: Joe so?
Joe: he said i can have it all.
everyone have left and all the plates have been washed
Jack: just heard a funny sound from his stomach,he can no longer hold his hunger, and he just realized that his mom prepared his favourite meal today spaghetti Bolognese.
JACK: searching the kitchen stealthily for his food, trying not to disturb anybody.
JOE: watching from a distance.
Jack: caught Joe staring and went to Joe where is my food
JOE: relied adamantly, i ate it.
JACK: screaming you did what.
MOM: came and asked what the problem was
JACK: he ate my food
MOM: infuriated with Jack's reply, you were the one that said you were not hungry so go to your room now probably the game would feed you.
that night Jack couldn't sleep,and suddenly he started crying
Joe: came in with a plate of food smiling as he saw jack crying i just hid your food knowing that you would soon come back to your senses and leave that #steemit game you're playing



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