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Jack:trying to access a porn site but his ad blocker is preventing him from opening the site
Jack: WTH, disabled all the ad blockers in the system and well it was all smooth
a week later
Mom: went to jack's room and jack was using his phone,she told him to book her flight and she wants to watch him doing it.
Jack: whining went to his system and started booking the flight, almost done when it happened.
A pop up keep displaying jack had already cancelled it 5 times but this time his mom said he should open it.
And their it was the page loaded and it was jacks profile on the porn site
i nominate @yalzeee and @phranace for this contest.


try the ''incognito mode'' .... and be a porn ninja.... a friend told me....

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I don't see the problem here, I believe Jack's mum ought to be proud of her son for representing the family name

lol,probably his dad would be.

That's where you need to be more assertive and explain the dangers of clicking on those things, while you quickly close it.
So I've heard...

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