When I Need Condoms, This Is Where I Get ‘Em

in comedyopenmic •  9 months ago

I’m not shy about using public restrooms ( I know some people are) but when ya gotta go, you gotta go. . .

In the past week I happened to use public restrooms 2 times and both of them had these ridiculous vending machines for condoms. . .

My first thought was, “Who uses condoms anymore?!!” I just figured everyone “rawdawgs” like me. . AND/OR women are on birth control/STD’s and AIDS have died down quite a bit. . .

But apparently not. . .

Seems there is still a thriving market for bathroom condoms. . .

After you’re done taking a shit in that dirty public restroom, pick up some “Rough Rider” condoms for 75 cents from your favorite supplier Preferred Health Mart Personal Products located next to the hand air dryer. . . 😂

WTF! 😂

If you really needed a condom would you actually trust that these were safe to prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases??!

“Hey honey, did you pick up those condoms?”

“Yea babe I got a rough rider 3 pack from the bathroom in the Shell gas station”

Seriously. . .

Who needs to search for comedy material when you can just open your eyes and pay attention to the world?

The funniest shit is right in front of us all day long. . .

Peace out!


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I always just used the plastic from around my pack of cigarettes.


I always just used
The plastic from around my
Pack of cigarettes.

                 - doomsdaychassis

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It would be great if you put quarters in for Bare Skin and it spit out an empty condom wrapper.


that made me laugh way to hard.


That would be da shit! ! I’m sure with these shitty machines it has happened a time or two. 😀

I don't know about you but I would have been a millionaire if I had a vending machine like this back in college


For sure my friend! 😀

The funniest shit is right in front of us all day long. . .

The above x 100 ....

P.S. those bathroom condom dispensers likely helped allot out allot of " first timers " .

Oh man, they didn't have the ticklers. As a man (I think I'm safety assuming) does it make you wonder what crazy vending machines were in the ladies restroom?


Probably shitty tampons. 😀

Hahahaa, ah you were joking about these not being safe, right?


Oh, I gotta go call the clinic and see about this rash I guess.

rawdawg is the way to go bro

Only brand I use, or don't as you've been seeing lol. Just missed the upvote on this, what's with the not within 12 hours of payout crap haha