Comedy Open Mic Week 11 Superman

in comedyopenmic •  7 months ago

Hey there, I am happy to participate every week in this great contest. I got a lot of fun making the posts

SOURCE: This time I bring a old joke which I heard from LP called "Las gaitas de Joselo", back in late 70s.

Here we are:

Two girls meet on the street

¡Ronalda! Why are you so troubled and excited?

Oh my darling, you don´t know what just happened, it´s awful!

Come on, tell me!

well, when I am getting to the buinling, you don´t know who was at the gate!

Of course I don´t, tell me who???

That pervert that they call superman!

Superman! And what did you do???

My only option was to run! But that bastard did the same

And I run fast and he run faster, and I run faster and he run faster....

Until I slipped

OMG OMG and what happened????

(crying) HE RAN AWAY !!!

hahaha I hate you!

I nominate to @benita56 and @rdelgadop

THANKS to @haroldmateria for his valuable help

thanks to @buttcoins for his support in discord

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nice... :-)

ja ja ja, las fotos quedaron super jaja


jajajajajajaja gracias!

jajaja esperé todo menos que se deslizara jajaja muy divertidos que se pusieron! un abrazo a ambos @psicomar!


jajajaja q bueno haberte sorprendido

I hete you jajajajajajaja but the joke is terrific jajajajajaja


jajajajajajaja :p

jejejejeje you are crazy!!!


Yes, I am! jajajaja

Jajajajajajaj me hace recordar los disfraces que se hacía YoungSwagon


gracias por tu voto amigo! (ese no sé quien es jajajajajaa)

Se me hace que era Ronalda la que persiguió a Superman 😂 ¡Saludos, @psicomar!


pos claro !!! jajajaja

Saludos Mano, gracias por hacernos reir