comedy open mic round #16 - entry #1

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I recently got my hair cut and my hairdresser (that’s whoever screams next at whatever Great Clips sent me a $3 off coupon) asked me if I'd like my eyebrows trimmed. I sheepishly said yes, thinking that if she had to ask, it probably means I need it. After what seemed like an eternity of electric razor and clipping noises around my left eyebrow, she summoned the shampoo girl to come by with the large broom and sweep up before she started trimming my right eyebrow as the trimmed eyebrow hair on the floor was now a tripping hazard. Now I know why Andy Rooney never subjected himself to this much embarrassment and went “au natural”

I'd like to nominate my main men who followed me from day 1 on Steemit - @a-0-0 and @a-a-a

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Thank you for your post. The word "sheepishly" was cleverly used in this post.


I managed to find a giffy of those two Steemians @a-0-0 and @a-a-a commenting on each other's comments. They both need more than a hair cut.

I wonder if they charge more for a sheep shearing?