Why You Laughing Monkey... (COM 20)

in #comedyopenmic2 years ago

Hey dude watch out, don't trip on that....
he already did, landing face down in the little pile of poop close to the side walk

Gloomy, but still I laughed...
oh yes, it was quite funny, picture that person who has been annoying all day, getting a shit piece of their own medicine right in the face

Immediately I was joined by another as we laughed at my dear friend who angrily stood up and made his way to the rest room

"Oh My, that was funny (still giggling), did you see how he fell..... (now turning)"

A Monkey
It was the Monkey who had somehow made a pile of poop right outside his cage

"Ohh you dumb monkey shhhhhh.... (as I tried to hush his incessant laughter)"

Whoo ooh ahhh ahh ohh ahh who ah
He jumped up and down panting like a harassed monkey how had just understood what I said, ofcourse he's a monkey but did he understand me.

Anyway, He further leaned onto the cage barking.. or whatever, and then stopped.. went to the side bar scooped his monkey paws through the dumpings he organised down the outside of his cage, laughed at me and threw......

Having watched a lot of Fast and Furious, I was fast to take a dodge

You missed monkey, have this middle finger to the sky

At this point other tourist were staring at us like were perfroming a show

Whooop ohh ahh ooh ahh ohh ahh
Monkey middle finger into the air too

An f..k you from a Monkey, I guess it's true what they say, Monkey see, Monkey do

Then the monkey started laughing again, thought it was at I until I day my friend approaching

A peculiar experience with a monkey, taught they only stole Banana's and food from people, who knew they threw faeces and made F..k You signs, If only it ended there.
Whenever he would laugh, he did so with both legs up, if that aint Suck my d..k dumb human, I guess it was You're my b..ch
But no, the authorities didn't see that, they were concerned with bundling us out for Monkey harassment

Guess what... the Monkey kept laughing as we were thrown out.

I nominate @fracisk and @cornerstone, come COM guys


Fucking monkey gets all the love

And the Bananas too

My brother was actually slapped by a monkey at the zoo when we were kids.

Ooow, I'm imagining those big hands he used to grab shit giving me a slap.
Now that's called a dirty slap

i have no joke worn monkey shit. this story reminds me of that day and that monkey. thank you

Visit the zoo or a ranch someday, you won't be telling a joke but an experience..

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