Comedy Open Mic - Round 16

in comedyopenmic •  last year 

Hello people. Here I leave my first participation in this contest. I'm very excited to do it = D

Many thanks to @comedyopenmic for promoting it.

This is what happens when you cheat yourself hahaha...


Special thanks to judges @pechichemena @buttcoins @belemo @idikuci @mourningnoodles @amirtheawesome1 @groovati @mineopoly

For this round, I nominate @isaherrera21 and @johathoughtss

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Make sure you keep your pocket watch with you at all times.

You do not want your time to pass... Hahahaha

This remind me this one time, I had a great night and didn't remember anything.

I have a couple of stories like that and a video that helps me remember! Hahahaha

This is how I wake up every morning

Hahahaha, I do it only on weekends XD