Comedy Open Mic Comedy Contest - Round 19 - No problem

in #comedyopenmic6 years ago

Hello friends of Steemit. We are going again with another round of COM and it is very exciting to know that we are still :)

Thanks to @comedyopenmic for continuing to make the contest possible another week more.

Here I leave my entry. In general, I like to correct people if I know they are wrong about what they are talking about, but sometimes it is not good to correct everyone, because it can be dangerous XD


I leave the link in case you dare to participate:

And thanks to @dj123 @belemo @take5 @profanereviews @diebitch @idenkcall @holybranches @pangoli who lend support to the contest ;)

My nominees this week are @kaneket2066 and @michaellozada


Reminds me of when I'm not "in the mood" if you know what I mean

Sometimes it's better to keep quiet

But... but... And then he turns around to give you that death stare...🤣


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i am seeing broken finger instead of broken face :D

That is the beginning O.O

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