Comedy Openmic Round #15 - "Stick Insect" by @jonsnoww

in #comedyopenmic5 years ago


you are the stick insect

you want to look
be part of another ecosystem
you let yourself swing
by the morning breeze
to confuse you with the medium

you want to become an object more

of fatal confusion for all humanity

stick insect

your pretty antennae
they confused me

stick insect

your pretty little legs
they will devour me

The stick insect is one of the most lethal animals. Do not be fooled by its cute antennae and legs, is the worst pet you can have ... xD under its branch appearance is hiding a bloodthirsty assassin machine

In this ocation i want nominate and invite to the contest @esaug and @passion-ground


You really got me laughing when she said that the cat was next.

hahahahaah yeah!!!.. My cat was really scare xD ...

Wow bro what a beautiful voice it is your voice.
And after a beautiful song I watched a too funny drama.
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Bro... i'm glad you like it.!

You are out of your mind and that's what i like about you. Yes that's what I like about you. I have a lot to learn.

jejejej thanks bro for your comment xD . .. The comedians have something crazy

I love walking sticks, or stick bugs. We have them here in Arkansas and the females get huge. Ive seen some almost a foot long.

I love the stick insect!!!... is one of my favorit animals! xD

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